We’re sure that some time in your life you wished to swim with dolphins. Are we right? In the Azores, we have the privileged of contemplating these stunning creatures. And, with Aguiatur, you will have the opportunity of swimming and getting to know dolphins.

Did you know that these animals, besides winning every human’s heart, are one of the most intelligent in the planet? Yes, it’s true! For this and other reasons, swimming with dolphins is a one in life time experience, that you will remember forever.

  1. They are very intelligent animals

Dolphins are super intelligent! They aren’t just fun and lovely creatures. They are considered by science the second smartest species in the world, the first being humans. These animals are even capable of naming each other! They can recognize each other by different types of whistles.

  1. Dolphins love to play

Have you notice that dolphins are always playing and jumping in the water? It’s because they really love to play! No other animal has such behavior. In addition to basic needs like food and reproduction, they like to socialize and exercise. Fantastic, don’t you think?

  1. They have very efficient communication

Did you know that dolphins have a communication system that consists of sending high-frequency sounds to inform other animals of their species about their prey? Yes, they are able to communicate with others about everything that goes on: from obstacles to predators, the sound echoed back to the other dolphins.

  1. They live an average of 17 years

An animal like this is capable of living up to 17 years (or more), depending on its quality of life. In captivity, the animal is able to live even more years. However, it is in nature that they feel happier.

They are very affectionate animals, which, despite living all this time, they don’t lose their charm and their desire to play!

  1. The dolphin accompanies its mother for many years

In addition to the female dolphin having a gestation period of 12 to 17 months, dolphins are very affectionate and protective of their young! Unlike what happens with most animals in nature, these animals usually accompany their young for a period that varies between three and eight years!

Now that you know a little more about this wonderful creature, we bet you’re looking forward to meeting a dolphin! We are ready to give you a day full of unforgettable memories. Talk to us and book this activity. We are waiting for you!

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